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Pediatric ENT

What to Expect at a Pediatric ENT Appointment

If you have found yourself in the pediatricians office more frequently than you ever hoped with ear, nose, or throat problems, you will likely be referred to a Pediatric ENT. As discussed in previous posts there are many reasons your child may need to see an ENT. If you are in need of one, you likely have dealt with watching your little one get sick over and over in a short period of time and are in an emotional state and desperately seeking answers. Knowing what to expect at that first appointment will set good expectations and help prepare you and your little one for the visit.

A Pediatric ENT is a medical doctor who has made pediatric care the core of their medical ear, nose, and throat practice. They are skilled in the inner workings that most commonly cause these issues in children and have a unique approach to both exams and treatment options for children who are not always able to express what is bothering them. A Pediatric ENT has received additional schooling that specifically focuses on working with children from infancy to teenage years and creating a non threatening environment for both child and parent. 

Every Physician has a slightly different approach, but overall you can expect similar processes for your initial appointment. The first step will focus on uncovering what has led up to your visit: in depth discussion of your child’s medical history, existing health problems, and the core reasoning for your coming in. Camellia ENT recommends keeping a record leading up to the appointment that documents things you notice about your child’s health including symptoms, efforts to ease discomfort, what works, what doesn’t, etc. This information will be important in developing a plan of action for your child. 

After your Pediatric ENT has talked to Mom & Dad and given the child time to get comfortable in the room and feeling safe, your physician will ease into a quick and simple exam. This evaluation will include looking into ears, nose and mouth and discussing findings and recommended next steps. Depending on your child’s particular situation, additional testing may be recommended prior to implementing a treatment plan. Some examples of additional testing may include: allergy testing, hearing tests, or CT scan. If additional testing is needed, a follow up appointment will be scheduled to review findings and discuss a treatment plan to get your child feeling better and improving their overall quality of life. 

Treatment options will vary based upon your child’s evaluation and testing. Each child is different, and what brings them in the door is addressed on a case by case basis. Some treatment options could include adenoid removal, tubes in ears, cochlear implantation, etc. At Camellia ENT, we offer a wide variety of treatment for your child’s needs. Conditions we commonly treat are seen in the image below:

Pediatric ENT Services

Our recommendations for a smooth process: 

While the events leading up to your Pediatric ENT appointment can be stressful, the appointment and treatment plan does not have to be. There are many things you can do prior to your appointment to help both you and your child feel more comfortable and relaxed. Below are a few simple recommendations for a smooth process at your first appointment. 

  1. Information your child as best as you can about what is going to happen at the appointment to reduce any anxiety or worry. Your little one has likely been to a pediatrician many times leading up to seeing a specialist so be open to listening to their thoughts and concerns or worries about the appointment and talk through them. 
  2. Depending on the age of your child, sitting still could be a challenge.That along with any anxiety your child may be experiencing could create stress on both child and parent. A good way to prepare for this is practice! Practice sitting still and doing “play” exams on each other’s ears. 
  3. Write down all your questions and things you want to know in advance. We find that informed parents are calm and confident when leaving their visits. We do our very best to thoroughly explain everything but do not hesitate to speak up and make sure you understand both what is going on and what the plan of action is for treatment moving forward. Having a list in advance will ensure all of your questions get answered in addition to the questions that arise throughout the appointment.

If your child is in need of Pediatric ENT services, do not hesitate to contact us today! We would love to partner with your family to get your little one’s health back on track.

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