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Does your child need to see a Pediatric ENT?

Ear, nose, and throat complications are one of the leading causes for trips to the pediatrician each year. Ear infections alone account for up to 30 million pediatrician visits annually. The ear, nose, and throat regions are not fully developed until around age 6 so do not always function properly. Until your child’s sinus drainage systems fully develop and become more vertical than horizontal, it is easy for bacteria to get stuck and cause infections. Because of how common ENT issues are in children, your pediatrician is equipped to handle most situations but if you find yourself making numerous trips to the pediatrician for ENT related reasons throughout the year, it may be time to consider seeing a Pediatric ENT Specialist. 

Children experience very similar ENT issues as adults do but the symptoms do not always look and/or your child may not know how to communicate non visible symptoms to you. If your little one has an ear infection or sinus issue that doesn’t go away with pediatrician prescribed antibiotics or continues to return, start to keep an eye out for some of the following symptoms. If you notice any of these, speak to your pediatrician about a referral to see a Pediatric ENT specialist. 

-Nose bleeds (not from injury)
-Constant drainage of the nose
-Snoring (Snoring is not normal in children and should always raise a red flag)
-Sudden or progressive hearing loss
-Drainage in the ears
-Frequent dizziness
-Chronic and/or recurring sinus infections
-Chronic or recurring ear infections
-Difficulty swallowing
-Trouble breathing out of one or both sides of the nose

Other common reasons it may be time to see a specialist are severe allergy issues, tonsillitis, and issues with adenoids. 

What to expect at your first Pediatric ENT Appointment

A Pediatric ENT understands that the treating of children stretches far beyond the treatment of symptoms and conditions. Examining a small child can be an intimidating experience and the family has likely been through some emotional stress getting to the point of seeing a specialist. The first appointment will have a heavy focus on addressing your questions and concerns and working together to determine the proper plan of action to get your little one’s health where it needs to be. Your Pediatric ENT will review your child’s medical history, any health problems, and all details surrounding the reason for the visit. Depending on your particular situation, your ENT may request X-rays/CT Scan, or even allergy testing to help determine the source of the problem rather than just treat symptoms. After examination, your ENT will discuss treatment options for your child. 

At Camellia ENT, we offer a variety of treatment options for your child’s needs. Some conditions and treatment options include: 

-General infections of the inner, outer, or middle ear
-Cochlear Implantation
-Hearing and balance disorders
-Congential conditions involving the ear

-Allergy testing
-Functional endoscopic sinus surgery
-Surgical and medical treatment of chronic sinusitis
-Adenoids removal

-Voice disorder evaluation and treatment
-Tonsil removal related to sleep apnea or other infections.

If you think it’s time for your child to see a specialist, contact us and schedule an appointment today. Our facility and ENT’s are state of the art and we are ready to help!

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